Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Baked Spicy Fish Patty

I still remember , when i was going to school in Colombo , ( many many years ago :) ) , twice or thrice a week my mom gives me pocket money and ask me to get some thing for breakfast . There was a shop right near my house called Perera & Sons . Omg , i just loved everything they had :P  , Especially their Spicy Fish Patty , Cheese Rolls and their Ice Coffee .  These Fish Patties from P&S are Spicy and Crispy. Fish patty with a Ice Cold Coffee is awesome....  So i thought of making a baked version of the patty.
As i don't use too much of oil in my cooking , i didn't want to fry my patty . So i made  baked version of fish patty, which is healthy and no compromise in the taste. The  Patty is crispy outside and spicy inside.
Ingredients For the Dough :
All Purpose Flour - 2 Cups
Baking Powder - 1/2 TSPN
Butter - 1 Stick = 1/2 cup( Room Tempreture )
Salt- 1/2 TSPN
Sugar - 2 TSPN
Ice Cold Milk - 5-8 TBLSN
Lime Juice - 1/2 TSPN
These are the Ingredients i used For Filling , You can make the filling as you want
Boiled Potatoes
Salmon Tin
Salt - Per Taste
Pepper  2 TSPN
Green Chillies (chop them )
Chili Powder 1 TSPN
Coriander Powder
Coriander Leaves
Instructions to prepare the the dough :
1. In a large bowl Combine All Purpose Flour , Baking Powder , Salt , Sugar and mix well .
2. Then add the Butter and mix it with the flour mixture .
3. Once the butter in incorporated well with the flour mixture add 5 TBLSP of milk and mix well.
4. If the dough seems to be too  hard , add one more TBLSP of milk and mix . If the dough is still hard add another TBLSP of milk , You can actually go up to 8 TBLSP of milk But not more than that.
5. Lastly add the the lime juice and knead well.
6.The dough should not be too soft as soon as the ingredients are added .
7. Once all the ingredients are added knead it well for couple of minutes.
8. The wrap it with cling wrap and rest  it aside for an hour .
Once the dough is prepared you can make your own filling .

 1. Add oil in the pan , saute onions, garlic and  chopped green chillies.
 2. One the onions turn golden brown add the samon , cook it for five minutes.
 3. Then add salt , turmeric powder , pepper powder , chillie powder and Corriander powder.
 4. When you get the cooked smell from fish add the boiled potatoes and mash them well.
 5. Combine both the fish and potatoes well.
 6. Check whether the salt is enough .
 7. Remove from the heat , allow it to cool.
Lets see how to make the Patty;
First of all on the oven , preheat it at 350F and bake it for 20 - 25 minutes ( it depends on the oven too so have a close look from 15th minute onwards )
1. Once the dough is rested for an hour . cut and make it in to balls.
2. Now roll the ball into thin sheet .
3. Cut in into a round (probably with some round  lid , that's what i do )

4. Place the Stuffing in the middle of the circle.
5. Close the upper part of the circle to the down part.
6.Use water to stick the dough.
7. Seal it with the folk .
8.  You can actually egg wash it if you want . ( But i normally don't do it , because i get it browner and Crispier )
                                                           Now You are ready to bake.



  1. Those looks lovely.. Baking is always a better option thnx drowning them in oil. Thnx for linking them..

  2. Thank You sumee.yes i always prefer Baking than deep frying or pan frying.

  3. Thank you Chandrani . Pleasure linking it to your event .

  4. thnk u fr ur entry !! that luks awesome and baking makes it more merrier!!

    it would b nice if u cud add the logo pic of the event pls.


  5. Yes Baking is more healthier than frying . I always prefer baking .Added the logo Hansa . Sry for that .. it was not intentional

  6. i would like to know the quantity u have used for cooking
    potato= how many
    corriander powder - how much tsp?

  7. What dempreture did you baske ? You did say it in the recipe