Monday, March 18, 2013

Homemade rolling fondant


Fondant - Does any one know what fondant is ? Let me elaborate it . Fondant is a dough like consistency , where it is perfect to be covered on a cake , to make cake borders, decorations , to make  flowers , animals , trees and other figures.. It gives you a nice and neat finish to the cake .
This is my all time recipe i use regularly to make figures and to cover the cake. As i promised that i would write my recipe on my blog i was not able to provide step by step pictures. But i am pretty sure
the instructions will be easy and if you guys have any doubt i am ready to guide and help you all.

Unflavored Gelatin - 1/2 TBLS + 1 TSPN
Cold Water - 2 TBLS
Liquid Glucose - 1/4 Cup
Unflavored Shortening /Unsalted Butter - 1 TBLSN ( I used butter , it gives good taste)
Glycerin - 1/2 TBLSPN
Icing Sugar - 4 Cups ( Have some extra Icing Sugar ,it will be useful when working on the counter)
Flavoring ( Vanilla ) - 1 TSPN (It is not necessary to add flavoring if you do not want to )


 1. Combine gelatin and cold water leave it for few minutes , you will see it will turn thick.
2.Then Place the gelatin mixture in top of double boiler and heat and stir until it is dissolved.
3.Add glucose, mix well. Stir in the butter; just before completely melted remove from heat.
4.Add glycerin and  flavoring .
5. In large bowl, place 2  cups of icing  sugar; make a well. Pour the lukewarm gelatin mixture into the well and stir with a wooden spoon ( i use my hand ), mixing in sugar and adding more, a little at a time, until stickiness disappears. Do not use add more icing sugar , the consistency will go wrong . and the fondant will start to break.
6. Knead in remaining sugar. Knead until the fondant is smooth, pliable and does not stick to your hands. If fondant is too soft, add more sugar; if too stiff, add water (a drop at a time).
7. You can use the fondant immediately or store in airtight container at room temperature until needed.
You can store fondant for two or three months , if  it is refrigerated ( remember store it in a airtight container. Bring to room temperature before kneading. Do not freeze. When ready to use, knead again until soft.
Notes -
Though the recipe says use  4 cups , i used littled lesser , so be very careful in adding icing sugar.
If you are making figures , dust some corn starch on the counter , then work on it , it helps the fondant not sticking to the counter and in the hands . 
Once figures are made , DO NOT REFRIGERATE THEM . Keep it under the fan till they are stiffen.
Once the figures are stiffen , Put them in an air tight box and store .
You can use tylose powder too , to stiffen the fondant figures.

                                         Enjoy Making Figures with fondant.


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