Monday, March 25, 2013

Sweet Corn Baked Egg tarts with spinach

I have a difficult time thinking what to cook for breakfast everyday . I got to pack the breakfast and lunch to my hubby by 8 o' Clock. I don't want to send him the same sandwich everyday, i am actually bored of sandwiches these days.So this recipe is  my own and it is my time saver in the morning . It has Sweet Corns , Spinach , Eggs , Cheese in it and it is easy to make and ready in 20 minutes . when i decide  to prepare this tart next day , i normally  make the dough a day ahead.
 when i was going through some cooking blogs i accidentally landed in Nayna Kanabar's Blog . I  saw her kids event called Lets Cook For Kids and i thought this recipe would be apt for kids ( Not only for kids but to anybody ) and i would also link it to cook like a celebrity chef ,What's with my cuppa ,UK ,Rasoi n meKids Delight ,Cooks joy ,A Home maker's Diary ,spotlight ,Cuisine Delight , Heartly and Healthy This is a healthy ,crunchy and a stomach filling dish . This tart is suitable as Breakfast , A Snack or as an appetiser . Lets go through the Ingredients
Ingredients:                           Makes Around 6 Tarts.
Eggs - 3
Spinach - 1/4 Cup
Cheese - 1/4 Cup
Sweet Corn - 1/2 Cup
Salt - To Taste
Pepper - 1 TSPN (Depends how spicy you need)
1. Pre Heat the oven at 350 F .  Prepare the Tart base in the Muffin Pan.
2. In the Mixer add Eggs, salt and pepper , Grind well.
3. Once the egg mixture is fluffy and light in color add the Sweet corn and Grind for 5 seconds.
4. Pour  the Egg mixture in the alined Tart base.
5. Add spinach and on top of it add cheese.
6. Put it in the Preheated Oven . Bake it  for 20 - 25 minutes.

Note - You can add Mushrooms , Tofu , Paneer , Spring Onions ,Scraped Carrots , Extra Cheese ....
Its Crispy , Easy to Eat , Easy to make , and mainly it is Healthy.



  1. Great idea to bake inside tart shells.. I usually make a big batch of casserole.. btw love that last click.

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  3. healthy & delicious tarts....sounds easy to prepare
    Thanks for sharing with the event...

  4. @sumee - Thank you . Glad you like it.
    @ Easy Recipes - Thank you for the invite. Will do join .
    @ Ami - Glad you liked them . It is really easy making them .

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