Thursday, April 17, 2014

Creamy Chicken Salad / Spread / Dip

Last one week the members of Sssshhh Cooking Secretly Challenge were having fun guessing the ingredients by viewing the pictures of each other . +Priya Suresh  who is the brainchild behind the Challenge came up with a wonderful Challenge by pairing 2 people each month .  Two secret ingredients were given to one another . We are supposed to make a creative dish with the ingredients and on the revealing date that is on 16th to 18th each month the ingredients should be revealed . For this month +Roshni Chandrasekar  from Roshni's Kitchen was my partner . 

As soon as +Priya Suresh  revealed the pairs , i mailed +Roshni Chandrasekar , we had small chitchat , got to know each other . Finally on the same day , we suggested ingredients for each other . As i am a Non- Vegetarian , Roshni suggested Chicken and Cheese . Though i had made lots of dishes with these two combination , i wanted to make something tasty , yummy and simple . 

Our ( H and myself ) resolution for the year 2014 was eating healthy . We finally ended up taking a decision as eating more raw and baked foods at least thrice a week. So many alterations happened in our diet like No All Purpose Flour , No white Sugar , No Vegetable Oil .. The Number of No's kept going on .....  When Roshni suggested Chicken and Cheese i was little excited to create something healthy .. I was firm not to use All Purpose Flour in any form. Then i ended up with this three in one Creamy Chicken Salad / Spread / Dip .  It can be consumed as it is , or used as a spread for sandwiches and it was fantastic as a dip with Gluten Free Grain Tortillas too.

Ingredients -

Chicken - 2 Quarters ( Grilled and deboned )
Parmesan Cheese - 2 TBSP
Onions - 1/4 Cup Chopped
Avocado - 1 (cut into cubes )
Tomatoes - 1 chopped into cubes
Salt and pepper - To taste
Sour Cream - 3 TBSP
Olive Oil - To cook chicken

Instructions -

1.  Cut and clean the chicken . Grill it or cook ( Saute ) it plain with the preferred spices.
2 . Add chopped onions , tomatoes , avocadoes in a bowl ..
3.  Mix everything to make sure everything is mixed well .
4. Add Sour cream  . Give it a quick mix .
5. Finally add cooked chicken and add salt and pepper to taste .
6. Lasty sprinkle the cheese over it .

One good thing about this salad was everything was raw other than the chicken . The oil content was much more lesser . They are so stomach filling . Isnt it a healthy , meanwhile delicious dip . There is no correct or  wrong proportion of ingredients . Using of ingredients are solely depend on us . we could even add zucchini , carrots , lettuce ; everything is our preference. More the creamy you want ,  more sour cream and more avocados can be used .


  1. Looks like your creative mind worked well, such a creamy chicken salad Shey, am happy to see this fantastic dish from those secret ingredients.

  2. That's duper creative with chicken saran

  3. this looks extremely delicious :) yummyy :)

  4. My little girl is sure to love this one... she is an avocado crazy!

  5. Looks fabulous! I'm pinning this one :)

  6. Love the use of avocado and sour cream for the dressing of this chicken salad - a delicious alternative to mayonnaise. And the added tomatoes and parmesan cheese is a tasty twist...

  7. That looks super yummy. I just love avocado! Thanks so much for sharing at Simple Supper Tuesday.

  8. Looks delicious and healthy!

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  9. I like the sound of the added avocado, it looks great. Thanks for linking up to Sweet and Savoury Sunday, stop by and link up again. Have a great weekend!!