Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Baked and broiled sweetcorn - Roadside style

I actually don't consider this a big recipe at all.. Anyone , even a small kid would do it. As there is a give away in Chaitra's Blog Aathidhyam for her 100th post  i thought i should participate in it .But when i was thinking a dish to make within 15 minutes ,I  thought i could do this . Very simple , Very Delicious .
When ever i go for a grocery shopping i buy sweet corns and store it in my fridge  .Everyday in the evening when my hubby comes home after work the word i hear from him is " I am hungry ". So what i do is , steam the sweet corn , add butter , salt and pepper and toast it a little bit and serve him. That's the easiest Snack i could think of when i have the sweetcorn in stock.
So this time for a change i wanted to bake the sweetcorn and see what happens . I marinated the sweetcorn with Garlic salt , butter , pepper, lime juice, Little pinch of chillie powder around 30 minutes.
1. I preheated the oven at 400F. ( Depends on the oven mine is a old one)
2. Kept the marinated sweetcorn in the baking tray and baked it for 7- 10 minutes.
    I was not satisfied with the look of it , so what i did was
3. I turned it to broil for couple of miutes . Turning the corn each side , till it gets roasted,
4. Once the corn is fully roasted .
5. Let it cool a bit and then serve.
 The corn is Roasted outside and well cooked, fresh and juicy when you bite them .
It had all the flavors in it .
It was simply yummy .
 I would also link it to kids delight and let's cook for kids


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