Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Hide & Seek Scrambled Egg Roll

This is a simple Lunchbox recipe. When ever i make Egg Omlet or Scrambled i tend to add some vegetable in to it . It gives you a stomach filling Breakfast / Snack. I have added Onions , Bellpeppers , Fresh Sweet Corn , Spring Onions and Mushrooms.

Ingredients for Scrambled Eggs :

Eggs : 2
Sweet Corn - 3/4 Cup
Onions - 1/2
Medium Sides Bell Pepper - 1/2
Chillie Flakes/ Chillie Powder - As per the spice you need
Salt - As per Taste
Grounded Pepper - Optional ( i used it for Extra Spice)
Spring Onions - 1 (Chop it )
 Mushrooms - Hand full ( chop it )
 Oil - 2 TSPN

1. In a Mixer , Add Bell pepper and onions. Give it a mix .Grind them coarsely. Do not grind it like a paste .
2. In a pan , heat the oil . One the oil is hot , add this grinded Onions and bell pepper mixture and cook well till the raw smell goes.
3. Meanwhile the onion mixture is getting cooked , we put half the corn in the mixer and blend it coarsely.
4. Once the onions are cooked add the blended Corns and cook well.
5. Now add the Other half of the Corns and Chopped Mushrooms.
6 At this stages Mushroom Leaves water , cook until it is dry.
7. Now can add Salt , Pepper  and Chillie Flakes . Mix well.
8.  Add spring onions and give a quick mix . It takes no time to cook.
9. Lastly add the Beated eggs and mix well , keep them stirring Until egg is cooked and till its is incorporated with other vegetables.
10 . Allow it to cool.

 I used Home made chappathi's for the roll .You can still use Roti's , Tortillas , Taco's .
             This Egg scrambled can be used as filling for Bread sandwhich , Bread Toast  and Stuffed Chapathi's ...

Instead of Egg Scrambled , Egg Omlet also can be done .  Omlet can be used as a filling for  Burger Bun and it also can be called as " Hide & Seek Egg Omlet Burgers"

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  1. I support that veggies added and its one way of consuming them for well being. Simple and exciting and need to try out soon.

    1. Do try it , its easy to make . By the way ur blog is awesome. Photographs speaks so well. Glad to follow you .

  2. Anything with eggs in it.. That way we dont mind having some veggies too :) Yummy roll !!