Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Hoppers/ Aapa / Appam

One of my Favorite SriLankan dish is Hoppers - It is a thin crispy sort of pancakes. We Sri Lankans eat Hoppers for either Breakfast or dinner . For making Hoppers you need a Hemispherical wok like pan  which is called  "Aapa Thaachchi ".
I do not have a Aapa Thaachchi still i cannot stop making it or eating it . These Hoppers are supposed to be Crispy in the edges and Spongy in the middle. As i didn't use Aapa Thaachchi my hoppers aren't Bulgy in the middle.
 Those days Palm Toddy was added to the batter which helps the fermentation process. But now-a- days we can use yeast for it.
The Recipe i used is yeast Free . Batter can be made in two ways .
I am going to explain both the ways , Let me call it Way 1 and Way 2

With one Batter , Plain Hoppers ,Egg Hoppers, Milk Hoppers can be made
Raw Rice - 1 Cup ( I used Sona Masuri )
Coconut Water - Depends
Cooked Rice -  Fistful
Shredded Coconut -  1/4 Cup
Salt - to Taste
Sugar - 4 TBLSP
Baking Powder - 2 TBLSP
Water - If needed

The only difference we omit for way 2 Batter ,  is the cooked Rice ,other ingredients are the same.
     1.    Soak the rice for at least 4- 5 hours                                       
     2.    Strain the water from rice .
     3.   Grind the rice along with coconut , Cooked rice and coconut water till it is smooth .
     4.   Sprinkle water if needed / or till the batter is smooth . Pour the batter in the air tight container 
           and keep aside.
Way 1 - 
Take 3 TBLSP of the batter , put it in a pan along with 1/2 Cup of water and  1 TBLSP of sugar and cook it it becomes a little thick in Consistency . Allow the Mixture to cool .  Again add this to the Grounded batter and mix well till there is no lumps. Allow it to ferment at least the whole night . It took around 8 - 10 hours for my batter . If it a cold place it might take a bit longer.
Fermented batter will rise and look bubbly . You can actually get the Fermented smell when you open the lid itself. Then add rest of sugar and baking soda and mix well . If the batter is too thick make sure to add water .or you can add Thin coconut milk . It gives a better taste.
Way 2. 
This batter is grounded without the cooked rice . You do the same way of taking 3 TBLSP of batter put it in the pan along with 1/2 Cup of water and 1  TBLSP of Sugar. Other procedures are the same.

- Make sure Hoppers are cooked in the medium heat. Otherwise it might stick to the Aapa Thaachchi.
- Use Aapa Thaachchi only for making Hoppers .
- Do wipe the Thaachchi with a cloth dipped in Sesame Oil every time you take out Hoppers.
- If you keep the batter in the fridge after it is fermented make sure you bring it back to the room  
  temperature and use it .
- If the batter is too Sour , you can add another TBLSP of sugar.
- Once the batter is poured in the Aapa Thaachchi Close it with the lid , so that it gets cooked in the middle.

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  1. Love this appam, that too with egg,drooling here.

  2. Oh yes, grew up eating plenty of appam mum used to make and with toddy added. I used to tease my mum by asking her to pour more toddy so that I can get tipsy.

    The appam with the egg is so good, cooked to the right texture. I am loving it all the way.

  3. very interesting with egg great...

  4. i have heard abt egg on appam,but never seen it,very useful tips.i will try them ....

  5. Wow... this looks very stunning. Thanks for linking