Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Whole Wheat Puttu

 I normally make puttu with Rice Flour or All Purpose Flour. So this time i wanted to try this with Whole Wheat Flour ( I used Ashirvad brand ) . It was easy making it . It was so soft like the rice puttu. Normally when i eat All Purpose flour pittu , i feel heavy , this one was light and filling . I will definitly  make this often.

Normally when we make pittu flour at home . We soak the rice in water , drain the water ,dry the rice , grind it to flour , and roast the flour / steam the flour before using it.

In this Wheat Pittu Version , i used store bought flour so i steamed the flour first , allowed it to cool . Stained it took the lumps out . This process it little time consuming but the out come of the pittu after steaming is awesome . The pittu is light and soft.


Steamed Whole Wheat Flour - 2  Cups
Shreaded Coconut - 1/2 Cup or more
Salt - As per taste
Hot boiling water - As Required. (1  cup or lesser )


 1. In a large bowl mix salt and flour together.
 2. Add quarter cup of water first and mix it with a folk or spoon .
 3. Once mixed , start sprinkling hot water and mix till it is crumbly in consistency.
 4.  If you want the texture of the pittu , really small and soft , Put 1/4 of the mixture in the mixie give it a quick mix probably for 2 seconds. ( Do not put whole flour mixture in the mixie at one time , do it little by little) -( This is My friend - Sunithra's Technique).
 5.The the raw pittu with shreaded coconut.
 6. Put it in the steamer and steam it for 10 - 15  minutes.

Pitu can be served Paippu curry ,  Sambol , Chicken /Mutton / Fish Curry , Milk and sugar , Kithul and milk , Banana  , Channa Curry the list goes on . (Typing this itself tempts me so much .)

  • Steaming the flour before using it will make the pittu softer
  • Make sure to use only hot boiling water.
  • Do not add too much of water each time , it makes  a dough
     linking it to gain popularity , Heartly and Healthy , Virunthu Unna Vaanga



  1. Wow, wat a health and delicious puttu..First time here and will be following urs from rite now.

  2. Thanks for viewing my blog priya .. Nice to hear that you will follow my blog. It is encouraging for a new blogger like me ..