Thursday, May 9, 2013

Sweet Corn Chicken Noodle Soup

This is my favorite soup for ever . My mom makes the soup once in every month. She does it  from scratch and it tastes really good as made in hotels . As a family of four , she makes it in a big vessel and we accompany the soup with toasted bread . This soup brings back the old memories ..

The only change i have made in the recipe is i have added Cooked Noodles in it .



Chicken Stock -  6 Cups
Boneless Chicken -  2 Cups Cubed
Eggs- 2 Beaten
Garlic Coves - 5 Sliced
Corn Flour - 3 TBLSP
Noodles - 1 Cup Cooked


To make the Chicken Soup -

1.  Clean the unwanted chicken bones and wings till the blood is gone.
2.  Boil it in 6 Cups of water with salt.
3. You would see the dirt on the water surface once the chicken is boiled well .

4. Stain it with the strainer , till the water is clear . The chicken stock is ready.

5. Mean while , boil the noodles and keep it ready.
6. Put the sweet corn in the blender and blend coarsely.
7. In a large pan , boil the garlic and cubed chicken in the chicken stock.
8.Once the chicken is cooked and when you see the bubbles add the grounded sweetcorn.
9. Allow the sweet con to cook .Check the salt ,if needed add more.
10. Once the sweet corn changes color to dark yelllow add the boiled noodles.
11. Do not over cook the noodles as it will break .
12. Mix corn flour with little water and add it in the soup.
13.Once  the soup becomes little thicker and the beaten eggs and mix till the eggs are cooked.

14.Serve the soup hot with toasted Bread Slices



  1. Thick gooey lovely soup. I have not added noodles into soups before but I am attracted to the splendid idea after seeing the finishing.

  2. Love the complete meal soup. Recently I had at a Vietnamese restaurant and just loved it so much.

    I am sure this recipe would have been gr8 too.

    Looks tempting though.


  3. Thank you Priya , NK and Latha for the lovely comments.