Friday, May 10, 2013

Pizza With Flavored Tomato Sauce

This is the first Home bakers challenge started by Priya from Priya's Versantile Recipes . This month's challenge was Pizza ,where four options of recipes  were given , you got to choose one and bake it. This month was  hosted by Divya from Divya's Culinary Journey . For more details about the challenge do visit here .

I chose Pizza with Tomato Sauce . I did follow the recipe but i gave some more flavor to it by adding Mushrooms , Bell Peppers and chopped Fresh Parsley .

For the Flavorful Tomato Sauce:


Tomato's - 2 Big Plum  tomato's
Mushrooms- 1/4 Cup Chopped really fine
Bell peppers- 1/4 Cup Finely Chopped
Fresh Parsley - 2 TBLSP
Olive Oil -  3 TBLSP
Salt - To Taste
Freshly grounded Black Pepper - 1 TSPN
Chili Powder - 1/4 TSPN or to the spice level you want


1. Wash the tomato's , Put it in the blender and make a puree out of it .
2.  In a skillet  , warm the olive oil . Once it is hot , add the chopped Mushrooms and bell peppers.
    Cook them by adding little salt and pepper Till the water from mushrooms are evaporated.
3. Once they are cooked add the tomato puree and cook till the raw smell goes.
4. Add required amount of salt , pepper and chili powder.
5. Once the puree starts thickening add the chopped Parsley and cook for minute and take off the heat.

Notes :

- Adding Mushrooms , Bell Peppers and parsley is fully optional. But it give an awesome taste to the pizza.
-  I added chili powder , as i wanted a spicy pizza . It is optional too.

Pizza Toppings -

I Chose three types of Topping . One was Sauted shrimp and Fresh Bell peppers, Second was Seasoned Broiled Chicken and third was Plain cheese .

For Pizza Dough :

Ingredients :

APF - 2 1/2 Cups
Salt -  3/4 TSPN
Sugar - 1/4 TSPN
Olive Oil - 3 TSPN + for the bowl
Yeast -  2 TSPN
Warm Water - 1 to 1 1/4 Cups
Dried Oregano - 2 TSPN ( Optional)


1. In a large bowl , add APF , Salt , Sugar , Dried Oregano , Yeast , 2 TSPN Olive Oil and mix well till everything is well combined.
2. Then by using  Dough Hook in the Hand Beater mix the dough adding warm water little by little.
3. Once the dough is formed ,  Mix it with the dough hook for couple of minutes.
4.Then Start kneading the dough by adding 1 TSPN Olive Oil  for another 5 minutes.
5. Allow the dough to rest after applying olive oil on the pan .
6. Cover it with a wet cloth , allow the dough to raise for an hour.
7. Once the dough is doubled , punch it and knead it again and rest it for another 1 hour .
8. Now divine the dough into two , knead it again .
9. In a round cake pan , grease it with little oil and roll the dough as it fits the pan. Allow it to Rest the Dough for 10 minutes.

Arranging Pizza :

1. Pre-heat the oven to 500 F.
2.  Fix the rolled out pizza dough again , then spread the Tomato Sauce over it , Arrange the toppings , Sprinkle the Mozzarella and bake till it is golden brown and cheese is fully melted . It will approximately take 15 to 20 minutes.


 - This way of making  the dough is easy for me and i am used to this method.If you are not comfortable make it the other way. ( Mix the yeast and sugar in warm water , once it is frothy add it to the flour and knead )
- . Adding Dried Oregano is also optional.

Sorry Couldn't click proper Pictures . We were so tempted to eat :P


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