Thursday, September 12, 2013

Pan Fried Tofu with Soy Sauce Dip

I love going to the Chinese Market on weekends because i can taste hell a lots of free food samples :P . I know i am such a foodie. Why i love to taste samples because , i come home and try them when i am free.Last week when i went were there i happened to taste Fried Tofu , they were delicious . 

Though i am not a big fan of Tofu , I thought i should try it . The Tofu i ate in the Chinese Market was totally different , it was just dipped in the  Batter and fried. So i took that idea and made my own version of Pan Fried Tofu .( Health Conscious :) )


Hard Tofu - Sliced into square 
Cornflour - 3 TBLSP
APF - 1/2 Cup
Corn Flakes - 1/2 - 1 Cup ( Crushed by hand)
Salt - To taste
Pepper - 1 TSPN
Chili Flakes - 1 TSPN
Fresh Coriander Leaves - Chopped ( only the leaves 2 TSPN)
Water - To make the batter
Oil- to fry

I had made it as an even Snack . It was so stomach filling . The best part of making this is , tofu need not be marinated . Just dip in the batter , roll it in the corn flakes and fry them . They are done .


  • Slice Tofu into Medium Thin Squares .( Or the shape you want).
  • Combine APF , Corn Flour , Pepper , Salt , Chili Flakes , Chopped Coriander Leaves .
  • Add water little at a time and make a Medium Thick Batter.
  • In another plate crush the cornflakes and leav it aside.
  • In a Non-Stick Pan Add some oil . Allow it to heat .
  • Once the oil is hot and ready , Dip the Tofu in the batter and then in the crushed cornflakes and fry it in the oil.
  •  Fry it till it is golden brown.
  • When it is done , keep it in the Paper towel to make sure excess oil will be absorbed.
  • Continue with rest of the Tofu.

For the Dip:


  • Soy Sauce  -  1/4 Cup
  • Vinegar  - 1 TSPN ( I used Apple Cidar Vinegar )
  • Chili Sauce - To the Spice level
  • Sesame Seeds - 1 TSPN
  • Scallions - Chopped - 1 ( Finely Chopped)
  • Red Chili Flakes - 1/2  TSPN


  • Combine all the ingredients mentioned .
Note for the dip :

 Dip is tastier when made fresh .
Good to keep in the fridge for 2 -3 days.

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  1. this looks yum... tofu is a different version of paneer, i suppose...

    1. Tofu is made of soya milk .. But it's alike paneer and tofu has a different taste too ..

  2. Looks inviting.

    on-going event @ nandoo's kitchen : healthy breakfast

  3. wow thats an ery inviting and delicious looking fried tofu and the yummy dip to accompany with !!

  4. Thanks for linking the recipe to my giveaway