Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Christmas Cake/Cupcake Toppers Ideas

These are few cake toppers i came across when i was browsing online. Christmas Decorations and Christmas baking has already started . So i would love to share these Cake toppers ideas . So it might help your''ll in creating a nice cake with a cute cake topper /Cake pops .They are simple to make and these toppers make the cakes/cupcakes very attractive . 

These Images are not mine . Image source is linked .

Snow man and a Christmas Tree  - Source

                                                          Fondant Covered Christmas Tree Cake - source
                                                                  Cute Reindeer - Source

                                                                        Little Christmas Angels - Source

                                                                Cake pops - Source

                                                                   Cute Little Santa - source

                                            Christmas Tree - Source 

Are you Baking / Cooking something for Christmas . Do share with us on " Lets cook for Christmas "  . There are plenty of chances in winning an award certificate . Looking forward for your Christmas ideas and recipes.


  1. wow nice post...Thanks for sharing...

  2. These decorations are simply mesmerizing and so good. Creative skills I must say.

  3. Wonderful!!! This is definitely going to help in my future baking sessions :)

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  4. How festive! Thanks for sharing, I'll check them out soon!

  5. Such cute toppers.
    Thanks for sharing.

  6. cute ideas indeed!!..love'em all...will try my best to participate :))...

  7. Beautiful ideas...thx for sharing. BTW thanks for dropping by at my space..glad to follow u :)