Sunday, January 19, 2014

French Baguette

Baguette -  Bakers dream bread . I am pretty sure anyone who loves baking , baguettes are in the to - do list . 

I had this in my to-do list for along time . I tried making baguettes with sour dough , believe me i was ashamed to call me as a baker for some time. They turned out so bad . I really don't know where it went wrong . Then i kept postponing  it .

 Finally i made baguette for the Home bakers Challenge. The recipe was suggested by +Priya Suresh . It turned out to be fantastic .  The bread had nice golden crust . It was perfect for the Garlic Cheese toast i made that evening ( Recipe to be posted ) . 

This recipe was quite simple using yeast . The sour dough recipe i made , actually took three days to make sour dough and finally it gave me disappointment . One good thing in that was , i used only 1 Cup of flour . So i didn't lose that much of ingredients :P .

Ingredients :

All Purpose Flour - 2 Cups
Sugar - 1 TSP
Warm Water -  Approximately 3/4 cup + ( might need another 1 TBLS )
Salt - 1 TSP
Yeast - 1 TSP


  • In a bowl add sugar and yeast to the warm water and mix it well .  ( Make sure the water is warm , not hot . If its hot it will kill the yeast ).
  • Keep the yeast mixture covered . Allow it to sit for couple of minutes till it turns frothy / Bubbly ( It means the yeast is active).
  • In another bowl add flour and salt . Pour the yeast mixture and mix it initially then knead it using hands / stand mixture / beater with dough hook  for approximately 10 minutes.  
  • Once you see the gluten forming in the dough cling wrap the dough in a greased pan ,allow it to proof for an hour / till it doubles in size. ( When you stretch a piece of dough , you can see a elastic sort of a thing , that's how gluten forms  ) Check this site  .
  • Depending on the size of the bread you knead , divide the dough.
  • Dust some flour before working on the dough .( helps not to stick to the counter )
  • Take the portion of the dough and roll it to the shape of rectangle. 
  • Roll , opposite sides towards the middle of the dough.
  • Flatten it and roll one side of the dough again towards you and press the edges well with your figures.
  • Roll the dough to form baguettes .
  • Place the baguettes over the flour dusted cloth . Cover the Baguettes with a wet muslin cloth and keep it in a warm place . Allow it to raise for another hour .
  •  Once it is raised ,  Preheat the oven at 400F.
  •  Brush the baguettes with water and make slashes , dust some flour over it .
  • Keep a bowl of water in a corner of the oven and bake the baguettes at 420F for 25 minutes. ( Baguettes are ready if you hear a hollow sound when they are tapped ) 
  •  cool them completely . 


  1. Nice and now that I've started baking, I am gearing up for the baguette.

  2. Your baguette looks amazing!!! I love baking different kinds of bread, there's just nothing like that taste of freshly baked bread, warm out of the oven (with some butter, of course!!!) This looks fantastic!

    1. Freshly baked breads are the best . I would also love to have them with butter / Cream Cheese .

  3. These baguettes look perfect! And the ingredient list is marvelously simple and short. And these would definitely be wonderful for making garlic bread...

  4. I loved the crust ..Your baguette looks Perfect

  5. lovely baguette it looks perfect.

  6. the baguette look so perfect and spongy

  7. That looks truly authentic! Popping by from Made with Love Mondays

  8. This looks amazing! I will definitely try this! Stopping by from Play.Party.Pin! Love your blog!!

  9. I made this tonight for supper and it was fabulous! The best baguette I have ever made. I had to add a tablespoon of water to the dough in the mixer, but, otherwise, followed the directions to the letter including the damp towel over the shaped bread; I think that made the difference. Thank you for sharing this recipe.


    1. That's so nice of you Lorraine for letting me know how it turned out .
      I would update the water measurement in the recipe to so that it will be helpful for others too .
      Have a great weekend

  10. Hi Shey,
    Your French Baguette looks like a great recipe that I would love to try. Thanks so much for sharing with Full Plate Thursday and hope you have a great weekend!
    Miz Helen

  11. wow you have inspired me to try using yeast again. I never seem to do it right. Thanks for linking up to Friday frenzy this week.

  12. Lovely perfectly baked bread.happy to follow you dear