Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Sesame Seed Balls / Ellu Urundai / Til Ke Laddu

Sesame seed balls are an Indian sweet which is  healthy , Nutritious and definitely Delicious  . These Laddu's are Lord Ganesha's Favorite snack  . They are favorite of my family and friends too . 

Our Ancestors had some reason behind everything they did . In my culture , when a girl child 
attend puberty , these kinds of sweets are given her to eat . ( i was given raw eggs with gingerly oil , Urud dal kali , Sesame seed laddu's , dates )  Even now , this culture is followed . The reason behind following this is to strengthen the body and to keep you fit during Menstrual cycles and pregnancies .

 Fine lets get to the post .

+Preeti Garg from simply tadka had suggested Til Ke Laddu for this months challenge on Sweet Fantasy Club . Thank you for the recipe +Preeti Garg . This was the first time i had prepared this sweet and it turned out fantastic . 

 I  used vellam  / Sugar cane Jaggery  , Sesame seeds , Cashew Nuts , Fresh Coconut Flakes and Ghee  

Normally palm jaggery is used for these kinds of sweets as i didn't have one at home i used other jaggery

 Now about the health / nutritional benefits of Palm Jaggery : High in B complex , Rich in Calcium & Iron , Cleansing agent for the body , helps in digestive problems , good for dry cough , normal cold , asthma , increases the hemoglobin level ,  purify blood , regulate liver functions ( Click here for more details  ) .

Ingredients -

Jaggery  (powdered )- 1/3 Cup
Sesame Seeds - 1/3 Cup
Cashew Nuts - 1/3 Cup
Coconut Flakes - 1/3 Cup
Ghee -  2-3 TBLS
Cardamom powder - 1/2 TSP

  • Dry  Roast Sesame seeds , Cashew Nuts , Coconut Flakes separately . 
  • Once they are golden brown , keep off the heat , allow them to cool down completely . 
  • Coarsely Grind them separately and keep aside .
  • Heat the non stick pan in a medium heat , Add the powdered jaggery .
  • When the jaggery starts to melt ,  add ghee . Mix it thoroughly . 
  • Keep off the heat . Add all the grounded powders and  cardamom powder and mix .
  • When the mixture is warm , prepare them to small balls .
  • Put them in a airtight box and store.

Note :
  • Make the balls when the mixture is warm .
  • If the mixture has cooled down , warm it up a little bit and make the laddu's.
  • Still if you are not able to make laddu add some warm ghee .


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