Friday, January 10, 2014

Liebster Award and Nominees

Few days back when i logged into the blog i got a comment from Aara of +Shweet Spicess  saying " You got an award in my space " . I was super thrilled as it is my first Liebster award and first award for this year . Looks like this year is bringing me some luck as i got 2 other lucky prizes too . One is a  cookbook "Dakshin - Vegetarian Cuisine from South India" by Chandra Padmanabhan  which is awarded by  +Krithi Karthi for her third blog anniversary and another one is a Meat handler folks from +Susan Zentmyer of Love in the Kitchen . Hope the luck continues.

Ok now lets get back to the topic . Liebster award is nothing but an virtual award / recognition given to the upcoming bloggers who have less than 200 followers. It is to recognize the effort and time they have spent on blogging. This award also helps to motivate to keep on blogging wonderful recipes and also to introduce to the rest of blogging world.

The person who receives the award , will have to share it with another 5 -10 bloggers and have to follow few tasks. ( Nothing to worry , they are simple ) .
  1. Blog about the award in your space.
  2. Copy and paste the badge and mention about the the person who nominated you .
  3. Answer to the questions asked by the person who nominated you .
  4. Nominate another 5-10 bloggers who have less than 200 followers .
  5. Now frame your own questions to the nominees .

                                        Now to the questions asked by Aara

What did you understand with the concept of blogging ?
    Blogging according to me is sharing recipes / ideas / thoughts of my way and receiving the same.

What are the things that changed after you started blogging ?
   After blogging i have been more organized , love more testing / experimenting with new ingredients.

If you a food blogger , do your family and friends support your efforts ?
     Ofcourse yes , one thing i like is they don't interfere in what i do and another is i get genuine feed backs from my first circle of family and friends .

How is your blog different from other blogs you came across ?
     Each blog is different and unique in some way . So is mine .

Do you have virtual friends ? How does it feel when you interact with them ?
    Oh yeah i do have virtual friends. It is so interesting to chat / discuss with a co -blogging buddy whom we have not met personally . I am eagerly waiting to meet each one of you .

What is your new year resolution and why ?
    I never take a resolution , i am sure i will not keep it up .

One thing you can change about yourself ?
    Each and everyone will have good and bad qualities . I love the way i am . 

One thing you always fantasy about you can have ?
    Kitchenaid stand mixer .

Five things you love the most ?
    My Ipad , My baby blog , A cup of tea in the morning , Chocolate Cake and my better half .

Blogging is a different world !!! What if you were not a blogger ?? What if you have to quit blogging anytime ??
    I cant even think of quitting it . I love being occupied this way . I don't think i will quit blogging .

Who inspire and motivate you to cook ?
    My mom .

Now lets see who are the nominees are :
Congrats Nominees !!!!

The set of questions i would love to ask .

1. Before and after blogging , what changed your life ?
2. When and what motivated you to blog ?
3. Who chose the name of your blog ? and why ?
4. What is the best and favorite recipe you have posted so far ?
5. How often you post recipes in your blog ?
6. Who is your role model ?
7. What are your favorite spices ?
8. What is the most popular recipe / post in you blog ?
9. If you were asked to bake which of this will you choose  Chocolate Cake / Focaccia / Pizza / Strawberry Swiss Roll ?
10. Who Clicks and edits the photographs for your blog ? and what is your favorite font ?

Okay nominees another important thing for you to remember is in case if you feel you don't want this award feel free to contact me and let me know . 

Do accept the award and Pass it on to fellow bloggers . ( Stick to the rules )


  1. Congratulations dear! love reading ur answer! and few of ur nominees r new to me!! I shall visit them :)
    Happy Blogging!!

  2. Congrats saranya....thank you for sharing this award with me..I also got couple of awards and prize... Will blog about them so soon..

  3. congrats in ur award shranya ..ur luck continues ...

  4. Thank you so much for the Liebester award.

  5. Quick qn-is it must 2 nominate 5-10 ..anything lesser will do ?? ...nyways,thanx 4 considering me :))..u r divine 4 me :D's the way biig congratz on ur win !!! time..giveaway some free choco cake ..will u ??:)..May u win more...

    1. Hey thank you for the wishes between nominating lesser will do . But when you nominate more people it keeps rotating .
      Why not il bake a good chocolate cake . But one thing you got to fly here :D

    2. I am keeping an eye on a cheap ticket 2 Georgia then ;)...regarding,the award..thanx for nominating and xtremely sorry not my type of award lol...1st thing 1st,I am not that close 2 any bloggers that much (honestly,i don't get time other than posting) and all who asked me to follow them I am simply following and they all r quite famous bloggers who are not looking forward to receive "Liebster award" from me I believe :D ....and it's ok if my blog is gradually discovered.....I want "Genuine" readers not just endless members......So,pls never mind !!!

    3. Hey Sharanya...I changed my taking this award ...coz some1 else nominated me for this award 2day..she is someone I don't know at all...and she thot of nominating I kinda feel it wud be rude if I say "No" 2 her ....but then it won't be fair not to accept your award as I am taking it...I know it may sound lil complicated and u might be feeling like killing me lol...Thank God I am not in georgia :P...well,jokes apart,xtremely sorry for all this ...pls plss never mind....I don't know a lot of bloggers (my bad) but will nominate a few ...Thanx and srry again...

  6. First of all congratulations for receiving this award! and thanks a ton for nominating me for the same. It makes me feel honoured and loved. I am accepting this award and will soon pass it on to some more budding bloggers. Thanks once again.
    And yeah I do agree with others that a signature cake of urs should mark the occasion

  7. Congratulations dear in getting Libster Award :) I know it feels very good ;) Thanks To aara :)

  8. Congratulations for this award! and thank so much for nominating me . I am accepting this award and will soon pass it to some new bloggers. It makes me feel honored and loved.