Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Week 1 - Cake - Simple Chocolate cake with Fondant Decorations

 I feel so guilty that i am not able to post frequently for past three weeks . But it doesn't mean that i was soo lazy ( yeah i was a little bit ) or i was sick in bed . I was terribly busy on baking loads of cakes . Each time i bake , that day i end up with headache due to taste testing the frosting . :P .

This was a Simple Sri Lankan Chocolate Cake filled and frosted with Silky Chocolate Buttercream . The cake was for my Friend's Brother . As he was fond of SpaceShips , i was requested to do a Fondant Spaceship and a edible person cake topper . Spaceship didn't take me much time as it was not edible . The Boy cake topper took so much of time . When i finished making the figure , I realised the hand was broke then i had to fix it . It took my time .. Still i thoroughly enjoyed it .

It was a half sheet cake and was quite huge . The cake was around 7 1/2  LB's . 

For the frosting on the sides , i used wilton 1M tip . I tried ombre style with that . I wanted it to be messy .. 

The final cake looked like this .

More Cakes on the way .....


  1. Such a delectable cake... Immensely beautiful.. Great job..

  2. The cake looks awesome and the cool guy with coat and boxers Lol..

  3. Tadaaa!!! You are good, I love everything all the way.

  4. looks really good... so well made...

  5. cake looks beautiful, birthday guy is really lucky to get this cake.

  6. It looks so chocolatey, I bet it tasted great. Thanks for linking up to Sweet and Savoury Sunday, stop by again this weekend.

  7. Hi ,a very nice cake for a guy, but HOW did you fix the hand back on. I do uses the petal glue, but would it work after the figurine had dried for a week & has become really hard ? Hope you have a tip,I am a newcomer to figurines

    1. I guess petal glue should work fine .. What I do is mix some liquid glucose with drop of water and use it as a glue ..
      Even after a weeks time it should work fine