Thursday, April 4, 2013

Wellewahum - Coconut stuffed Pancakes

These pancakes are  Simple and very quick to make . If you have sudden guests at home and you don't have anything to offer them to eat , this is the snack you got to make for them . Within 10 -15 minutes you are done.When i was small this is one of the snack i ate , Others were Kawun , Konda Kawun , Ellapa , kokis etc .. the list goes on .
Ingredients for the pancake :
Flour - 1 Cup
Eggs - 1 Large Egg
Milk - 1/2 Cup - 3/4 cup
Turmeric - A pinch
Salt - A pinch
1.Beat the the egg well till its fluffy and light in color .
2.Then add flour , salt & turmeric , beat well.
3.Add milk little by little to the mixture , till the batter pouring consistency. ( dosa batter consistency)
Ingredients for filling:
Coconut - 3/4 Cup
Grated Jaggery ( Kithul) - 1/4 Cup ( can add more or less according to your taste buds)
Salt - A pinch
Pepper - A pinch
Crushed Cloves - 3 to 4
Butter - 1 TBLSP
How to make the filling :
1. In a saucepan add butter .and melt it
2. once the butter is melted and hot , add the crushed cloves.
3. Add Grated jaggery , wait till it melts .stir it constantly.
4. When the jaggery is melted fully add grated coconut , salt and pepper. Mix them well .
5. Once all the ingredients are combined , turn off the heat , allow the filling to cool.
How to make the Pan cake:
1.  Heat the Non -stick Tawa or skillet ,  Pour the batter in the middle of the tawa , and swirl it probably 6-7 inch round. ( like you make dosa )
2. Once you see the side of the pancakes gets removed from the tawa , that's the sign its cooked.
3. Take off the pancakes from the tawa keep it in the plate.
4. Keep the filling in one side of the pancake and roll it. (Do not allow the pancakes to cool before you roll it out ).

  • These pancakes should be soft and not crispy.
  •  If you feel that , you are going to smell the eggs in the batter , add some vanilla essence.
  • If you don't have jaggery at home , you can add brown sugar or normal sugar.  
  • Do not allow the pancakes to cool down before you roll it with filling.
  • Thats because once you roll out warm the edge of the pancake will stick to the pancake and it will be easy to handle.  
  • Not necessary to flip it to the other side , you cannot roll our properly and stick the edge tight.
  • Make sure you roll it out tight so that the filling will not fall from sides
  • Pan cakes gets cooked within a 30 - 40 seconds if the batter is not too think.
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  1. Happy that you are following it . Love ur blog too ..The meen varuval was tempting and made me hungry .

  2. Nice it is coconut stuffed pancakes are looking pretty awesome. Thanks. Nice post. Click for cocktails.

  3. Thank u for linking it to my event... we make this bt with sugar and add cashews to the filling too... thnk u fr reminding this dish... i didn' make this fr years

    Pls can u include the logo also to spread out the word

  4. Thank you Suresh urs nd Anafor visiting my blog .

    Thank you hansa for hosting an awesome event. Will contribute more . Oh adding cashews would make the filling rich . would try that next time.Thank you for that idea. Meanwhile i attached the logo .