Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Spicy Pol sambol

Pol Sambol is similar to coconut chutney. But the only difference in Coconut Chutney is ,  you add water when you grind it . In Pol Sambol you don't add water .  Pol Sambol is made mostly everyday in each house in Sri Lanka . You can eat it with Freshly Baked Bread , String Hoppers ( Idiyaapam , Pittu , Pol Roti , Rice and mostly anything .

It is spicy , juicy and most importantly very very tasty.
Ingredients -
Shreaded Coconut - 1 Cup
Dried Red Chillies -  2-3
Small Red Onions  ( Sinna Vengayam) - 2-3
Lime Juice - 1/2
Salt - To Taste

Instructions -
 1. In a Mixie grind the red chillies into paste.
 2. Add Shreaded Coconut and grind for half a minute.
 3. Now clean the sides of the mixie jar add the small onions and grind for another half ( Do not over grind it ).
 4. Even if the chillie is not mixed properlly with coconut thats ok because you are going to use your hand for mixing  later.
 5. Put the grinded sambol in a bowl , squeeze in some lime juice and add salt to taste.
 6 . Combine everything by  using clean hand . ( It gives more taste ).
Optional :
Heat some oil in a pan, add curry leaves , Chopped onions n some dried shrimps or Maldives fish and toss in the sambol.

Notes - It is more tasty , when you grind it with grinding stone ( Ammikallu / Kulavi )
            You can also add chillie powder for Dried chillies .
            Do not over grind it . It becomes chutney .
            If you dont like raw onions you can avoid it or toss it in the oil and add it to the sambol.

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