Saturday, April 20, 2013

Whole Wheat String Hoppers / Idiyaapam

 People who are health concious or on diets do mostly eat Chappathi's . I get bored eating the same chappathi's every other day. I dont want to miss out my favorite foods like Rotti's , Naan's , String Hoppers and Pittu's . So i try to make the foods i love with the wheat flour , which is healthier and i dont compromise in the food i love.

I have made these idiyaapam with store bought Whole Wheat Flour. Before starting i would like to give you a quick tip for a soft idiyaapam's. Steam the Whole Wheat Flour allow it to cool ,  Stain and take the lumps out . Then start making the idiyaapam's

Ingredients :

Whole Wheat Flour - 2 Cup
Salt - Per Taste
 Oil - Little
 Boiling Hot Water - As Required


1. Combine Wheat Flour and Salt then add Hot boiling Water and mix well and perpare the dough.
2. Apply Oil in hands and in the idiyaapam presser.( The dough doesn't stick in the Presser and in hands)
3. Press Idiyaapam's and steam them for couple of minutes.
4. Allow it to cool .

Note - These idiyaapam's take a little longer to cook .

Linking it to Virunthu Unna Vaanga , Aathidhyam


  1. Awesome idea of using wheat flour. I think this is perfect, whether for breakfast or light dinner meal. Will make for my other half because he enjoys string hoppers.

    1. Thank you :) . You got to steam it a little longer than the rice string hoppers. When you take it out it will look little soggy , but after couple of minutes it will look like rice string hoppers.