Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Bottle Gourd and Fenugreek Leaves Stuffed Chappathi

I am really bad at eating  bottle gourd , because there is a reason behind it . I did my 11th and 12 Th grade in Chennai and i stayed in a hostel . You guys wont believe me , that was not a hostel it was literally a jail , it was soo strict . The main thing there was , we were suppose to eat everything they gave  and  once we are done eating we got to show the plates  . The warden did check the plates whether  are we wasting anything.
The main reason  i hated bottle gourd was once a week we used to get bottle gourd paayasam . Can you believe .. Bottle Gourd Paayasam.  But after i started cooking , i loved all the vegetables , i have tried new varieties of food and  most importantly tried lots of new vegetables too . After growing up in a hostel like that i never waste food and i dont fuss on any vegetables.
These stuffed chappathi's are healthy, delicious and  mainly guilt free . 

The main thing in making the stuffing is a bit tricky . We all know that bottle gourd has water content in it . Once the bottle gourd is cleaned and cut , squeeze the water out of it .  so that the stuffing will not be soggy and it will be easy to handle the chappathi.

Ingredients For the Stuffing:
Bottle Gourd
Fresh Fenugreek Leaves
Turmeric Powder
Chili Powder
Mustard Seeds
Urud dal
Fennel Seeds
Onions - Chopped.

1. Clean , Cut and De seed the bottle gourd . Cut it and squeeze the water out of it  .
2. Clean the Fenugreek leaves and cut them .
3. Heat the oil in a pan and add Mustard Seeds allow it to splutter . Then add Urud dhal allow it to brown a little , then add Fennel seeds.
4. Now add the chopped Onions and cook till it turns Golden brown .
5. Once onions are cooked add the bottle gourd , salt , turmeric powder , chili powder , Coriander powder and cook  till the water content in the bottle gourd gets evaporated.
6. Lastly add the fenugreek leaves and cook for couple of minutes and turn off the heat.
7. Allow the stuffing to cool before making the chappathi.

Instruction to make Stuffed Chappathi :

1.  Once the stuffing is cooled down.
2. Take a good amount of chappathi dough , roll it out into a thick disk.
3. Place the stuffing in the middle.
4. Close the edges and make it into a ball.
5. Dust some wheat flour on the counter and on the chappathi ball.
6. Roll it out carefully and slowly make sure the stuffing coming out of the chappathi.
7. Now cook the chappathi on both sides till they are done.

Serve it with a yogurt

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  1. I can find bottle gourds but the leaves are rare. Maybe some other variety will be find for this inviting stuffed roti and ohhh!! to pairing with yogurt.

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