Friday, May 3, 2013

Lime - Ginger Plain Tea

Everybody knows  Sri Lanka is famous for Tea products. We can't start or end the day without drinking a cup of Tea , it can be either plain tea or Milk Tea . 

I love both Plain Tea and Milk Tea.
I love drinking Milk Tea in the morning and in the evenings, and Plain Tea during Mid Mornings or when i have bad headaches /Throat Pains / Throat Itching.


Water - 2 Cups
Tea Bag - 2 or  Loose Tea - 1 Heaping TSPN
Ginger -  1 TBLSP ( Coarsly Grinded/ Idichadhu) 
Lime -  One small piece its optional.
Sugar / Kithul / Jaggery - As per taste.


Boil the Ginger along with Water .
Once you see the bubbles Add the Tea bags and take off the heat.
Rest it for sometime
Add sugar / Jaggery and serve.

For a slightly Strong Plain Tea with Strong Flavor of Ginger any headache will fly off.
This is my medicine for a bad Headache / Throat ache

Note :
Strongness of the Tea depends on the person who is drinking . I like to drink it lightly strong.
Adding lime is optional too i gives a different taste.
Adding ginger depend on how strong you want the flavor.
You can keep it in the frindge and serve cold.

Linking it to Virunthu Unna Vaanga , Aathidhyam