Friday, May 3, 2013

Minced Soya Chunk Bread Toast

This is a simple Breakfast , Snack Recipe . We all know how Nutritious Soya is. I love Soya Chunks. I love to eat it in any form.I have tried it in Biriyani's , Pulav's , Gravies , Stirfries . So i wanted to combine it with Bread.I love the way my mom cooks soya chunks . She cooks that in no time and it tastes delicious. As she is a pure vegetarian , she cooks soya chunks often and she says soya is the vegetarian's meat ..( probably because of the way it looks :p)


Bread Slices
Soya Chunks
Chili Powder
Turmeric Powder
Coriander Powder

Hot Water
Mustard Seeds
Cumin Seeds


1. Soak the Soya Chunks in the hot water for couple of minutes.
2. Squeeze the water out from the soya chunks and grind it coarsely.
3. In pan , heat the oil , temper Mustard seeds and cumin seeds.
4.Once they are golden brown , add onions and garlic .
5. Saute it till they turn brown . Then add Coarsle Grounded Soya Chunks.
6. Add salt , Chili Powder , Turmeric Powder , Coriander Powder
 and mix well till the raw smell goes.
7.Sprinkle some water and cook .Once it is done take off the heat . allow it to cool.

How did i sandwich the bread:

1.  I applied butter in one side of the bread.
2. Spreaded the Minced Soya Chunk Mixture on one bread.
3. Closed it with another bread.
4. After Sandwiching it i placed it on the non stick tawa and toased it.

Linking it to Virunthu Unna Vaanga , Aathidhyam ,


  1. Very healthy and delicious toast...

  2. First time discovering soy as filling for bread but its sure an awesome idea. Great creativity and its lovely.

  3. Thanks for visiting my space.. Your bread toast looks yummy and healthy.. Happy to follow you..

  4. That a lovely bread toast recipe. I think these are perfect for breakfast.

  5. Delicious and perfect toast.. Looks yummy and mouthwatering dear :-)

  6. Delicious and perfect toast.. Looks yummy and mouthwatering dear :-)