Saturday, December 21, 2013

Chum Chum - A Bengali Sweet

Chum Chum is a traditional Bengali sweet. It is a variation of  Rasgulla . Once the Rasgulla's are made they are cut in center , filled with Mawa and Nuts , garnished with Nuts on top . According to me Rasgulla's are more sweeter than Chum Chum . The stuffing in the Chum Chum equalizes the sweetness  in it.

Chum Chum was chosen under traditional sweets for this month's Challenge on Sweet Fantasy Club  . I really loved making everything from scratch . It was a perfect Dessert.


- Knead the Paneer for 8-10 minutes.At this stage you will feel the oil from paneer .
- Make equal size balls and keep aside.
- To make sugar syrup , add sugar and water in a heavy bottom pan. Cook it on high and allow the sugar to dissolve completely.
- When it is done , Add the Paneer balls in the sugar syrup , close it with a lid and cook it for another  10-15 minutes.
- At this stage you will notice the Paneer balls are double in size. Remove the lid , Cook it in the low flame for another 2 minutes and remove it from heat.
- Take the Chum Chum from sugar syrup and place it in a plate , allow it to cool down completely.
- Cut the Chum Chum in center and fill it with Milkmaid / Nuts / Mawa / Coconut Flakes .
- Garnish it with preferred Nuts on top and serve chilled.


Notes :

- You could use store bought Canned Rasgulla's cut it in middle and fill it with Mawa/ Nuts /Condense milk for quick Chum chum .
- But making from scratch is more tasty than Canned Rasgulla's
- I used Roasted Hazel Nuts for filling and garnishing , you can use any nuts you prefer.


  1. wow... looks so delicious... wish could grab one off the screen...

  2. Been searching a few versions of chum chum and to add on, here comes your fabulous version too. I did learn something from all the sharing from all the foodies; what is chum chum from their intro.

  3. Making my mouth water. One of my favorites.

  4. Chum chum looks yum love the third pic.

  5. Btw,since everything looks perfect here...thought of letting u know that ...there is a typo in the title ,"Chum Chum - A "Benagali" Sweet "...just so u know...

  6. this is YUMMOOO :-) Lovely picutes too