Thursday, October 10, 2013

Event Announcement - Let's Celebrate Halloween

Hey my lovely Ladies out there. I am glad to announce my first event announcement on my blog in the season of Halloween. This event on my blog starts from today the 10th of October and ends on 10th of November. So the theme is going to be " COLORS OF HALLOWEEN" .

I admit , i have heard about Halloween but never knew what it was , what it is celebrated for . But after coming to US , i loved this season of fall which is also the season of Halloween . The whole area we live is decorated with these Halloween Lanterns , Monsters , witches , Spiders , Rats , Pumpkins , Bats and Skeletons . In the nights they are really colorful and Scary . I am actually waiting for the day of Halloween where the kids come  dressed up with the Halloween clothes and knock the doors for the chocolate treats . 

List of food associated with Halloween:

  • Barmbrack.
  • Bonfire toffee.
  • Candied apples.
  • Candy corns.
  • Candied pumpkins.
  • Caramel apples
  • Colcannon.
  • Pumpkin , pumpkin pie , pumpkin bread.
  • Soul Cake
  • Scary Faced Pizza
  • Cheesy Fingers.
  • Chocolate Cherry Mice.

For easy Halloween recipes visit Easy halloween party food

So lets go on with the event details:

Rules for the event:
  • Event runs from October 10th to November 10th.
  • Follow me on GFC / G+
  • Archived posts are allowed.
  • Any recipes related to Halloween / Colors of Halloween ( It could be Starters , Main course , desserts , pies , cookies ) are eligible.
  • Eggs are allowed in baking . Obvious egg less are allowed too.
  • Please link the logo and link announcement on your blog when you post the recipe.
  • Usage of logo is compulsory as it will help in spreading about the event.
  • Please link your recipes in the linky tool below with the URL and name of the recipe .
  • You could post unlimited recipes - You get an award for that too :)
Here comes the interesting part . Based on the Innovation in recipe , photography , recipe explanation there are few award certificates are waiting ..

Best (Trick or Treat) photography award .
Best( Creapy )  Explanation award
Best ( Spooky) Innovation award
Best (Jack -O-Lantern ) display award 
Participation award
 Person who sends more number recipes will be crowned as Halloween Queen.

So my friends what are you guys waiting for ?? Share your Halloween Treats and lets see who is going to be the Halloween queen 2013 :) . 


  1. Lovely event Sharanya, will try to send my entries soon. Happy hosting...

  2. Hi sharanya, lovely event. I have added my entry.

    1. Thank you poornima for linking your entries

  3. Hi Sharanya, I have added my entry - Pumpkin Blossom fritters. Thank you for inviting me to the event.

    Wish u all the best for the event and have a very happy festive season.

  4. Hi there, Sharanya! Thank you so much for inviting me to link up! Hope you're having a wonderful week!

  5. Thanks for the invitation Sharanya.. Have linked my 1st entry.. Spooky Witches' Fingers... Will try to send in a few more... Happy hosting dear :-)

  6. Great way of getting foodies to come together for a meaningful event. Let me see what I can do.

  7. Hi, thanks for informing about this lovely event, have linked my entry to your wonderful event, loved your blog and am your new follower....

  8. wow lovely event...will try to send some entry...happy to follow you..
    Simply Delicious

  9. thanks for the invite nice event :)

  10. Thanks for the invite - I've linked up my Halloween treats :)

  11. Thanks for the invitation and for stopping by my blog .I linked my entry .Good luck to u...:)

  12. Thank you for the invitation...I've added the link from Pink lemon tree...Witch's hat cupcakes...have a fun event :)

  13. Hi,I wanted to add more entries I created exclusively for this event ...I was out of town ..thought of updating now and I see that the collection is closed already..wish you would have mention the deadline timewise..thought it'll be up for the complete day ,today..:(

  14. Hi , i am sorry for the inconvenience . i would mention the time when i have an event next time .

  15. Hey no don't be sorry..was just confirming if the time was really over for you or if you'll accept till night...I loved this theme and got over excited i think :P...wish I would have known abt this theme before or added on bad....but thanx to lemme know abt the event anyways :)