Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Event Announcement and a Giveaway - Just (Not the) Cakes

Yummy Cakes for you to Just Eat!

    Let’s face it, a nice creamy chocolate cake does a lot for a lot of people; it does for me.

So said the legendary British actress, Audrey Hepburn. And rightly so, for that matter. I mean, I don’t think there’s anyone who would say no to an extra slice of yummy, creamy chocolate cake.I consider people like me to be lucky in a way. I can bake the cake of my choice as and when I like it, thanks to my everlasting love for baking goodies. But then, for those who aren’t as ‘gifted’ (as me, for instance...Ahem!), I recently chanced upon an equally good if not better option if you’re on the lookout for some delectable cakes and sweets and pastries and the like.

Now this one is for all cake lovers residing in Bangalore. So which cake shop would you turn to for the best Cakes in Bangalore? Frankly speaking, that depends on your individual tastes, what you like and what you would prefer. And for that, instead of pinpointing and heading to any one cake outlet in particular, here’s where you can get all the cake shops in Bangalore listed altogether, menus and all –

There’s the very popular Gateaux cake shop in JP Nagar and Indiranagar, which is actually much more than a cake shop in itself. Apart from super-appetizing names like Choco Fanatic Cake and Honey-Almond Cake, there are a whole lot of goodies also on offer at the bakery – cookies, breads, even doughnuts and brownies! And yes, ice-creams to sum it up. So you can simply walk up to the place, order a chicken stuffed sandwich or a cinnamon roll and top it up with your favourite fresh fruit tart. Sounds amazing? Well, I’m pretty sure it’ll taste even better than that.

Then there’s another extremely popular place called ‘Bells and Candles’. Unlike Gateaux, this is a pure vegetarian place but its menu seems to be more extensive, with a variety of rolls thrown in for good measure – paneer tikka wrap, veg crunchy, so on and so forth. And yes, almost ALL cake flavours you can think of – be it the exotic Belgium chocolate, the new entry Cappuccino chocolate, Irish Coffee, Nutty Caramel, Orange Delight, Raspberry, Strawberry... the list is endless!
The best part is that you can order cakes online from all these outlets and more and don’t need to actually visit the place in person to pick up your cake, thanks to JustEat.

Oh, so you’re also looking for a full-fledged meal of your favorite cuisine to precede your cake, since it’s ‘Just Not (about) The Cakes’? Choose from hundreds of Restaurants in Bangalore and dozens of cuisines. Plus, if you’re one of those people who carry a smartphone in your pockets, the entire process just got simpler for you through the JustEat Mobile Apps.

Now lets get to the event details . JustEat has offered 3 vouchers of Rs. 200/- each for our readers. These Coupons can be used in Bangalore , Delhi , Mumbai , Pune and Chennai . Even if you are not living in these cities , It could be gifted to your loved ones who lives in these cities.  I wanted to give these coupons away with a quick cake event . You could send as many as cake / cupcake recipes . Winners will be chosen randomly . Non - Bloggers are also welcome .

Now lets come to the rules:
  • Event runs from Jan 9th to Jan 30th. 
  • Like me / add me on GFC/ G+ and JustNotTheCakes Facebook Page . ( I will add you back too .)
  • Unlimited Archived posts are allowed if it is updated with the logo and event announcement and unlimited new posts can be linked.
  • Usage of Logo is Mandatory as it helps to spread the word about the event .
  • Please link the logo and the event announcement with your entry , it is compulsory .
  • Please use the linky tool to link the recipes .
  • Non Bloggers can email me the recipe along with a picture of your cake .
  So friends hope you all like the event and make it successful by sharing your lovely Cake Creations .  Looking forward for your recipes. 

Happy Fooding!


  1. lovely event dear... happy hosting!

  2. Damn ..I don't have any1 in Bangalore,delhi,Chennai ...aww..i am gonna miss participating this time..nyways..Good luck 2 u and all participants !!:)

  3. have linked my archived entry....I'm following you through Google and like your Facebook page..

  4. Have linked my entries and followed the rules!
    This is my fb page
    Happy hosting!

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