Sunday, March 30, 2014

Guest Post - Heena Rathore - Veg Coleslaw

 Hey Guys ... Its so nice to be back after a week with a guest post. Today's guest is an Exxxxtra Talented lady who maintain 3 blogs ( Yeah you hear it right ... 3 blogs ). The Blog Baking Bud is for all her baked goodies , Cooking Bud is for all her cooking culinary displays and the Reading Bud is for her interest in Reading.Todays guest is none other than our budding blogger +Heena Rathore . Oh My Gosh !!! You guys should go through all her blogs , she keeps updating it every other day . I am so ashamed , having one blog , i blog just once a week for past one month . (Other than being lazy and having so much of food restrictions , i have no clue what to cook ).

 When +Heena Rathore expressed her interest on doing a guest post , i was super thrilled . After drooling over her recipes , i was really interested to accept her request. Guess what when she sent me the guest post, i was so excited to see one of my favorites - COLESLAW . When ever i go to KFC or Captain D's , i never fail to have Coleslaw as my sides . But never thought of trying it my self. Thank you so much for the wonderful recipe +Heena Rathore .
Lets head over to Heena.

 A big hello to all the Just Not The Cakes readers!

 I'm Heena Rathore Pardeshi and I blog at The Cooking Bud. I am really happy to be writing for sharanya aka +Shey divine . She is a very talented and a professional blogger and her blog Just Not The Cakes was an instant inspiration for me to take blogging seriously. I love her blog and look forward to try a lot of recipes from her space. 

 I was going through Shranaya's blog and came across the Guest-Posts page and immediately sent her a mail asking to do a guest-post for her blog. She was kind enough to accept my request immediately and also quite patient to give me enough time to complete my guest-post.

  For this guest post, I am doing my version of Veg-Coleslaw Sandwich.


Coleslaw Sandwiches are such an easy breakfast and snack option that I make them at least once a week. The coleslaw that I make is really easy and needs very less effort. The sharpness of cabbage, the saltiness of mayonnaise and the sweetness of carrots with just a hint of mustard balances the overall taste so beautiful that you'll be left wanting for more.

Whether you are hungry or not these sandwiches are just what you need to give an out-of-the-world experience to your taste buds.


Cabbage, shredded: 2 Cups
Carrot, grated: 1 Cup
Mayonnaise: 4 Tbsp
Cheese Spread: 2 Tbsp
Classic Yellow Mustard: 1/2 Tsp
Black Pepper Powder: To Taste
White Sandwich Breads: 6 Slices
Butter: To spread on breads (optional)


    1.   In a mixing bowl put mayonnaise, cheese spread and mustard and mix nicely with until smooth.



    2.  Add shredded cabbage and grated carrots into the above mixture and mix nicely.


    3.  Add black pepper powder and mix again.


    4. Take slices of sandwich bread and cut off the edges.


    5.   Spread butter nicely on the breads and spread the    prepared coleslaw on them in a thick layer.


    6.   Top it with another bread and cut into desired shape   and size.

    7.   Taste best if served cold out-of-the-fridge.

·     -   Do not use salt as the saltiness of mayonnaise and cheese spread balances the flavors.
·     -  Vinegar can also be used for adding flavor in coleslaw.
·     -    Cheese slice or grated cheese can also be added to the sandwich.
·     -  White bread can be replaced by whole wheat bread.

       Thank you Sharanya for giving me this opportunity!

Hope you guys enjoyed Heena's Veg Coleslaw . Thank you so much +Heena Rathore for sparing your time to do a guest post on my space . It's my pleasure to have you on my space .

Do visit her blogs Cooking Bud ,Baking Bud and Reading Bud . Do not forget to leave us your comments . Thank You . Stay Tuned ....


If any of you are interested to do a guest post for me on my page or want me to do a guest post on your page do leave me a comment on my request page .


  1. Thanks a lot Sharanya for the lovely words. And thanks a ton for letting me do a guest-post for your lovely blog :)

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      Thanks Xing :)

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